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About Us


Gold Star Teen Adventures provides unique summer adventure opportunities for Gold Star Youth. The purpose of the program is to provide healing, mentorship, development, and opportunity to the children of special operations Service Members who lost their lives in the line of duty. The program serves youth of fallen United States military special operations service members, consisting of Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Army Rangers (75th Ranger Regiment), the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, 95th Civil Affairs Brigade, 4th MISOC, Navy Small Boat Teams, Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers, Air Force Pararescue, Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and Marine Corps special operations personnel.

Mission and Vision

Gold Star Teen Adventures enables healing, fosters enduring relationships, and develops character and leadership skills through adventure experiences to the surviving youth of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty.


Kent Solheim, a special operations service member was very seriously wounded in combat in Iraq in 2007 ultimately losing his right leg. Kent’s experiences on his road to recovery inspired the creation of Gold Star Teen Adventures. Kent, a father of two, realized that if he had not made it home, he would have still wanted his children to know the brotherhood of the special operations community that he had grown to love, and to share in the adventures that his career had permitted him to do. Additionally, Kent realized that he experienced emotional healing when he was able to spend time with others that had endured similar trauma in their lives.

Gold Star Teen Adventures was created to provide an environment where Gold Star children can come together and be a part of new and exciting experiences with others who have shared a similar journey. Gold Star Teen Adventures is built on the pillars of character and leadership development, mentorship, opportunity and healing. Gold Star Teen Adventures is committed to serving and honoring this community of people that have sacrificed so much.

Pillars of Our Program


We believe that by bringing together youth in environments where they can have fun and develop relationships amongst mentors and other Gold Star youth, we afford them the opportunity to interact with others that have experienced similar emotional trauma.


We are committed to providing quality and enduring mentorship to Gold Star Youth. All camps have qualified and screened mentors composed of active and retired special operations service members, military academy students, Gold Star Adults, and patriots from the community. The purpose of our mentors is to coach, teach, and act as healthy role models.

Leadership & Character Development

The themes of leadership and character development are especially important in our outdoor and scuba adventures. Gold Star high school sophomores, juniors and seniors will have the unique chance to not only learn about leadership styles and applications, but put these behaviors in action through collaborative team experiences working with peers.


We believe that each of these children are very uniquely wired given their pedigree and that adventure is likely a big part of who they are. Unfortunately with the loss of a parent, these youth may not get the same experiences that they would have. We want them to have very unique, safe, and professional opportunities to challenge themselves