PURCHASE TICKETS: All GSTA raffle tickets are purchased online. You can buy tickets until 6:30 PM EST on November 4, 2021. .

THE DRAWING: GSTA will start pulling raffle tickets on November 4, 2021, at 7:30 PM

HOW TO WATCH: The drawing will be broadcast live over Facebook. The link will be posted on the GSTA Facebook page and listed on the the GSTA website one week before the raffle

ORDER OF PRIZES: GSTA will select the raffle order, except the truck will be the last time item raffled.

THE WINNERS: GSTA will notify the raffle winners by email, text, or phone call no later than November 5, 2021, at 5:00 PM EST.

​CLAIMING  THE PRIZE: The winner of the truck will be responsible to pick up or arrange and pay for transportation of the truck from San Antonio.

Fall Adventure Applications Now Open

11-14 November, 2021 

Church Creek, MD

9-12 December. 2021 FL

YeeHaw Junction, FL

MetLife Stadium

10-12  December. 2021




28 FEB - 04 March, 2022
Fort Jackson, SC



Fort Jackson, SC




In the Service of the Children of Our Nation’s Valiant Heroes

Gold Star Teen Adventures offers unique, fun,  and impactful outdoor adventures to the children of our nation’s heroes who lost their lives in the line of duty. Our organization was founded on a vision of providing an environment where youth can come together and be a part of new and exciting experiences with others who have shared a similar journey.

The purpose of our programs is to provide healing, leadership development, and opportunity. Our team aims to serve the surviving children of our valiant military servicemen, law enforcers, first responders, and government agency officials.

What Adventures Await

Adventure Scuba 301

This year, Gold Star Teen Adventures is taking our experienced divers to the next level of diving. Skills will include buoyancy control, navigation, gas consumption, surveying wrecks, all in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean! This course is for our NAUI Advanced Scuba Divers.

A group of young scuba divers underwater

Junior Warrior Weekend

The Junior Warrior Weekend is an opportunity for teens to fly in the wind tunnel, conduct weapons training, conduct maritime and mobility off-road vehicle training, paintball on a giant urban course, and conduct a morning of physical training with Special Operation Teams.  Apart from the numerous actives throughout the weekend the teens will be challenged with many leadership and team building events.

Granite Climbing Adventure

This leadership based adventure will teach teens a number of rock climbing fundamentals to include belaying, top-roping, rappelling, and “mock” lead climbing up the best granite formations in western North Carolina. In addition to the lessons that will be learned climbing, teens will be challenged through leadership positions, teamwork and team-building, and culminate the week with multi-pitch climbing.

Advanced Scuba 201

Gold Star Teen Adventures will be traveling to Grand Cayman for the Advanced Scuba Adventure! Teens will learn advanced navigation, limited visibility diving, deep diving, boat diving, and shore diving. This adventure has limited spaces and is only open to NAUI Scuba divers!

Scuba 101

Gold Star Teen Adventures is taking eager and adventurous teens to get their Open Water certification to Key West. We will be staying at the United States Army Combat Dive School. While there, Gold Star teens will complete 2 days of pool training then off to the ocean for their open water dives. Get ready to dive!

Without the generous support of Hero Miles, GSTA would be unable to continue our mission. This amazing organization has been one of our top supporters since 2015. Please continue donating your air miles to this amazing program.  THANK YOU HEROMILES we could not do it without you!