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Sponsor a Teen


Each teen that attends a Gold Star Teen Adventure does so at no cost.  Gold Star Teen Adventures serves children of Fallen Heroes from the Special Operations Community. With your sponsorship a teen is provided an experience offering healing, leadership and character development, a time to build meaningful relationships with peers and mentors, as well as the opportunity to develop skills they may not have been afforded.  

Sponsoring a teen not only helps the teen but also honors our Fallen and provides support to the family. 
“First, I just want to say thank you….you have given my son back to me. Ever since (my husband) passed in 2014, (my son)  has been reserved and quiet. I have been trying all that I can to bring him out of his shell. I was at my wits end….until yesterday.
When I picked him up from the airport, he was smiling and well, just changed. Before he even said hi, he asked when we were going on our cruise next year. When I told him the dates, he was so relieved, apparently you are having a hog hunt that he is over the moon about and it looked like he would be able to go. I told him that I have no problem with him attending any event if he received an invitation and he promptly responded with, “Mom, I’m in. They told me I’m in.” That made my heart so happy. He did not stop talking about his trip and everyone he met and the fun things they did. He talked the entire drive home (about 1hr 10min) and then some more, as he was showing me his videos. He hasn’t talked that much in an entire week since the accident. He was my son again.” Gold Star Spouse

Each Gold Star Teen Adventure varies in cost from $1500 to $3000 depending on the program. These costs include travel, food, lodging, activities, and equipment. Many teens  are without sponsorship and are in need of support.  If you are interested in sponsoring a teen please contact us and a give a teen an opportunity to heal, grow and move forward.

 Thank you for helping us make these opportunities a reality!

Please contact us at (910) 916-6561 or info@gstadventures.org to set up teen sponsorship. 

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