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GSTA Planes, Boats, Ruck, Truck 2018

Gold Star Teen Adventures is pleased to announce a new event. This adventure will last seven days  (15 June-23 June 2018) and will be conducted in various locations throughout North Carolina. The adventure will be tailored to mimic the Amazing Race. It is each team/ squad’s goal to work together as a team, complete each leg as quickly as possible, and meet the conditions of the task(s).  There will be a final winning team that will win based on an accumulative scoring system that will be tallied throughout the adventure.  GS teens will be taught and tested on skills throughout the week to enhance their outdoor field craft. GS teens will also be taught and assigned leadership positions throughout the week.There will also be plenty of time for campfires, making new friends, connecting with mentors, and plenty more! Don’t miss the trip of a lifetime!




Packing List

Day 1
Airport Link-up
Move to Camp Mackall
Team designation and buff issue
Day 2 (Race Day Begins)
Survival Training with SERE committee
Leadership 101 class
Equipment Issue
Camp fire
Day 3
Field first aid training
Land Navigation Training
PBRT Adventure Land Navigation Challenge Course
Mackall- lesson on backpack wear/ packing/ contents

Day 4
Rappelling and knots class/ rope corral
Pack up camp
SP for Uwharrie National Forest
Arrive to camp- class on proper primitive campsite set-up/ leave no trace camping
Day 5
Receive PBRT Adventure Clue and move to start SP of Dutchmen Creek Trail/ hike 7 miles in to camp
Campsite overnight
Day 6
Hike 5 miles out and link-up with vans at original start point
Move to Asheville for boating and zipline activities
Asheville Waterfall Challenge
Arrive at the Rogers/ clean-up and sleep indoors
Day 7
 Activities in Franklin

 Day 8
 Flights out
 Friday 14 July 2017

  • Must be United States Special Operations Command Gold Star Youth
  • Minimum age for children: 12
  • Maximum age for youth: 19
  • This adventure has a challenge rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging.

Please pack light as space in the vans is limited.

4 pairs of Shorts
1 pair of pants (recommend one pair of pants be convertible pants Not denim – any synthetic outdoor pant will do)
4 T-shirts
baseball style hat
7 pairs of socks (recommend hiking style socks)
shower shoes (flip flops)
1 sweatshirt or hoodie
athletic style shoe
Hiking shoes/boots
bug spray
Nalgene Bottle
telephone (optional)
wrist watch (optional)
camera (optional)
sunglasses (optional)

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