Teen Highlight – Anthony Lembo

“No matter what happens, I know that I have a group of people that I can rely on.”

Name: Anthony Lembo

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Father: U.S. Naval Petty Officer First Class Anthony Lembo

Anthony and his dad in 2009

How long have you been with GSTA? “I have been with GSTA for 2 years, since the summer of 2021.”

Favorite GSTA memory: “My favorite GSTA memory was from the Scuba 101 trip, my second
GSTA trip. During that trip, some of the other kids and I made up a dive team that we dubbed:
“The Pink Ponies.” We worked out together, ate together, and dived for the first time together. I
think one of the moments that stuck with me the most was our strange collaborative talent show
performance at the end of the trip. While other groups showcased their singing, dancing, (and in
one case) WWE wrestling skills, we decided to take a more abstract approach. Over the course
of an hour, we created a monstrosity out of banana peels, foam cups, socks, and much more.
We dubbed this creation as our “masterpiece” and hid it from everyone else until we were the
last to present. The talent show concluded with the revealing of this work of art to the rest of the
kids and judges, where each member of the Pink Ponies gave a detailed explanation of their
interpretation of the piece. Of course, our audience was stunned and we won the contest.
Although it was not something that I expected to hold such a dear place in my heart, I think it
was during that talent show that I realized that I was a part of the GSTA family.”

What is something you’ve done with GSTA that you never thought you could do? “There are
multiple things that I never thought I could do before I came on GSTA trips. I never thought I
could learn how to save someone’s life in an emergency situation, but I did on the outdoor trips.
I never thought I would become Scuba Nitrox certified, but I was able to. The trips I have gone on with
GSTA have widened my world to many new possibilities.”

Anthony (right) on the 2022 GSTA Turkey Hunt

How have things you’ve learned or done with GSTA helped you in your everyday life? “The leadership confidence that I’ve developed during the trips has given me an advantage in academics and sports. I had always been shy so I never knew what I was capable of. The GSTA trips changed that. I realized my potential to better myself on these trips and have taken this knowledge home with me to change my life and my perspective on everything.”

Driving the boat on the 2021 GSTA Duck Hunt

What keeps you coming back to GSTA? “I look forward to catching up with my second family
every year. While scuba diving and other learning opportunities are great, the aspect of GSTA
that really gets me excited every year is seeing the people I’ve grown to love. No matter what
happens, I know that I have a group of people that I can rely on.”

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